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Matthew 25:40 International Studies Scholarship


Wes and Lou Watkins truly believe in the virtues of helping under-served communities in other countries as a means to both improve their quality of life and to serve as positive representatives of Oklahoma and the United States. As a result, the Matthew 25:40 Scholarships have been made possible by a generous commitment from the Watkins to establish an endowment providing permanent scholarship support to Oklahoma State University students. This scholarship provides and additional incentive for students to travel abroad to participate in community improvement projects in developing countries. Over the next few years, this endowment will grow to $100,000 and shall be eligible for future scholarship matches through the Foundation if the matching gift donor so designates. Thanks to this generous commitment, Oklahoma State University will be able to award scholarships to students every year.


  • Recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student at Oklahoma State University or part-time in the summer session.
  • Priority goes to students who actively participate in non-traditional study (service) opportunities in undeveloped countries addressing issues of hunger, health, education, and poverty.
  • Preference will be given to one incoming student from Northern Oklahoma College, who intends to complete their education at Oklahoma State University.


  • Provide a short description of the overseas study opportunity
  • A written summary of your project and experience shall be provided for Wes and Lou Watkins upon completion of your overseas study experience.

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School of International Studies
204 Wes Watkins Center
(405) 744-7693

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