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Past Wes Watkins Distinguished Lectureships:

"International Education and Exchange: The Competitive Edge"
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Harriet Mayor Fulbright
"Southeast Asia and the United States: A Korean Perspective"
September 12, 2005
Dr. Duck-Woo Nam
“Oklahoma/Mexico Trade Relations”
October 23, 2003
Juan Manuel Arriaga and Alejandro Virchez
"Reaping the Benefits of NAFTA"
November 2002
Mr. John Melle
"Doing Business in China for Fun and Profit"
"Doing Business in China for Fun and Profit"
Mr. Samuel T. Mok
"E-Culture: Succeeding in the New Internet Economy"
February 2001
Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter
"Globalization and Asia"
November 1999
Dr. Lester Thurow
"Commerce and the International Trade Market"
April 1999
Mr. Michael Copps

Additional Lecturers:

  • Julie Belaga, 1997
  • Pat Choate, 1991
  • Dave McCurdy, 1991
  • Jim Wright, 1988
  • Richard Lyng, 1987
  • John Dingell, 1986